Dean Fishback Musical Bio 

Born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, I became a reggae fanatic at age 16.  Then by 21, I was learning to play bass and keyboards while listening to reggae.  In 1992 I formed my first band, Revelation Sound, with Chad Moye, a local rhythm guitar player.  And in 1993 we made the move to the South Florida reggae scene.  

For several years I played in and out of clubs and bands, performing covers and original material.  I started my career playing bass and singing lead, but when I made the switch to keyboards I really found my niche.  Then one day, Chad introduced me to Benbow Creary, an old school Jamaican reggae drummer, who needed a keyboard player for his band called Nubian Players.  Next thing I know I was at a show backing Sugar Minott.  

I jumped into the Jamaican reggae scene and that's where I got my chops.  We played all the Studio One classics, along with every hit song out of Jamaica.  As one of the premier reggae backing bands, we worked with a lot of legendary artists.  The list is too many to name; some include, Sugar Minott, Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Leroy Sibbles, Melodians, Mighty Diamonds, Wailing Souls, Glen Washington, and Everton Blender.  

After performing for 7 years, the band split up.  And it was at that time that I entered a reggae songwriting competition in South Florida.  I made into the top 10, stayed true to my music, and kept pushing on.  

Since then I've played in 4 very different bands.  The first one was an entertainment band called Visions, who played all the reggae, dancehall, and pop covers.  The second one is an original reggae band called The Resolvers, who I still perform with today.  The third was in a backing band for Wayne Wonder.  And the fourth is Locos Por Juana, an award winning Cumbia reggae band. 

All the while, I've always been writing and recording original material of my own.  And Now after many years of playing reggae music in South Florida, I am proud to present my debut album, "Reggae Brew".  

Give thanks to the Most High Jah for all the blessings.  One Love.