A roots rock reggae artist based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Dean Fishback showcases classic reggae in the 21st century with his debut album Reggae Brew.  Dean is a veteran South Florida reggae musician who has performed with Jamaican reggae greats including Sugar Minott, Leroy Sibbles, Ken Boothe, and Wayne Wonder.  Heavy drum and bass, bubbling rhythm, and layers of melodies make up Dean's Reggae Brew.  Check out the latest releases at  





With the release of his debut album “Reggae Brew”, Dean Fishback has showcased classic reggae in the 21st century!  Drum and bass, 2 keys, 2 guitars, horns, harmonies, percussion; that big classic reggae sound.  

On Sunday December 3rd, 2017, the day of the Super Moon, Dean had a real reggae party in session at Wynwood Yard in Miami, FL, featuring special guest Mykal Rose of Black Uhuru.  

The place was packed, the vibe was right, and the music was jamming.  Between the tight breakdowns, amazing horn solos, improvised jam sections, and smoke filled stage, there sat Dean banging on his Rhodes, singing to the crowd from his heart and soul.  A real reggae party.  

“Reggae Brew” is a culmination of all the various styles of reggae music.  Dean’s music is brewing with heavy drum and bass, bubbling with rhythm, layered with melodies, and topped with hot lyrics.  This album features songs like “The Killa”, in a roots dancehall style, dubbing with drum and bass.  “Boom” has a latin reggae feel, featuring Itawe from Locos por Juana on vocals.  Then there’s the ambient intro to “Late Night Lover” and the 12 bar blues ending of “Bleeding heart”.  Roots rock reggae is the heart of Dean’s style.  Songs like “Grit”, “Militia mission”, and “March on” have powerful messages along side strong guitar riffs.  Lover’s rock shows the way on the album in “So smooth”.  Dean has always been known for his falsetto style of lead vocals, as seen on, “Got to get your love” and “Living for today”.  Reggae Brew is for me and for you.  Just as Bob Marley said “One love”, and John Lennon said “All we need is love”, the message Dean Fishback brings is, “Only love”. 

Born and raised in the 7 Hills of Tallahassee, FL, Dean has been a reggae fanatic since age 16 and an original songwriter since age 21.  After 20 years of working in the reggae music scene Dean has established himself as a veteran musician in the reggae community.  He has toured and performed as a keyboardist in backing bands for legendary Jamaican reggae artists including:  

Sugar Minott, Leroy Sibbles, Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Cornell Campbell, Everton Blender, Glen Washington, Wayne Wonder, Sanchez, Mykal Rose, and many more…. 

In 2017 Dean started performing keyboards with South Florida’s Grammy nominated Cumbia reggae band, Locos por Juana.  Some of the recent festivals and concerts he’s performed with Locos at include:  Summer Arts & Music Festival, Humboldt Co, CA; Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival, Trumansburg, NY; Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, Pittsboro, NC; and this summer at the 2018 Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI.  

Dean is currently working on his Reggae brew dub album at his 7 Hills Studio in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  With a passion for dub reggae music, in the spirit of King Tubby and Scientist, this next release will get your head spinning… 

Reggae Brew for me and for you.